A bunch of solid coloured puppies

Breeding Objectives & Strategies

Here at CHOC ICE we do not have puppies very often. This is due to many things: lack of space, time, energy but not a shortage of high quality brood bitches! Our objective is to breed mentally stable, sociable, healthy, beautiful and in every way possible typical Cocker Spaniels that will bring joy to their new owners for many years. To ensure this we require the following from the parents-to-be:
  1. Undergone and passed a « Personality Description » with gunshot (without negative deviations from the Breed Average)
  2. Kind and well-functioning family dogs with children and other dogs regardless of gender
  3. Good general health
  4. Screened for hip dysplasia and the index of the planned litter should be 100 or over
  5. Clinically eye-tested without any serious defects in accordance with the Cocker Spanielklubben's Breeding Policy
  6. Known genetic status of the hereditary diseases for which there is a reliable DNA test (prcd PRA and FN)
  7. Exhibited and awarded several « Certificate Quality » by different judges
  8. Not too closely related, the Coefficient of Inbreeding for the litter should ideally be 4.0 - 6.5 %1)

Colour is of secondary importance, all of the above must always have priority; but it is, however, important to preserve all colours occuring in the breed. The inheritance of colours is a most thrilling part of genetics! Thirty-two puppies have been born with the CHOC ICE affix and they have had the following colours:

[16] Solids[16] Roans
[7] Golden [12] Blue Roan
[4] Chocolate (Liver)[2] Chocolate (Liver) Roan
[3] Black[2] Lemon Roan
[2] Red

Terms & Conditions

We maintain the right to choose buyers at our own discretion, as it is vital the right puppy go to the right home! If you are interested in a puppy, please fill in this FORM so we can find the right one for you.

Upon delivery (at no earlier than ten [10] weeks of age) a CHOC ICE puppy will be accompanied by:

  1. a pedigree/registration certificate from the Svenska Kennelklubben
  2. an agreement of purchase from the Svenska Kennelklubben
  3. a health certificate issued by a veterinarian no later than 7 days prior

1) COIs (Coefficients of Inbreeding) are calculated based on complete 10 generation pedigrees (2046 ancestors) using Pedigree Explorer