Hundar från Choc Ice

Namn Född Död Kön Färg HD Öga prcd-PRA FN Utställning Viltspår Valpar [Kullar]
Choc Ice Adopt Adapt Improve SE36427/2022 220529 H S A A
Choc Ice Do Nothing by Halves SE36428/2022 220529 H R A
Choc Ice It's an English Expression SE36429/2022 220529 H R A
LV JCH Choc Ice Noblesse Oblige SE36430/2022 220529 T S A Distichiasis A JUNCERT
Choc Ice Oh Yes Absolutely SE36431/2022 220529 T S A
Choc Ice the One with the Mercedes SE37523/2020 200604 T BLR B A A
Choc Ice My Name Is Bouquet SE37524/2020 200604 T BLR B Distichiasis A A
Choc Ice the Locomotion S70547/2007 071105 220511 H BLR A
Choc Ice Ocean Blue S70548/2007 071105 210508 H BLR C 2 x 1 ökl
Choc Ice On a Night Like This S70549/2007 071105 160216 H BLR C A CK
Choc Ice Got to Be Certain S70550/2007 071105 200629 H BLR
Choc Ice I Should Be So Lucky S70551/2007 071105 121025 T BLR
Choc Ice Finer Feelings S70552/2007 071105 210416 T BLR Distichiasis 1 junkl
Choc Ice Word Is Out S54159/2005 050726 050908 H B
Choc Ice Especially for You S54160/2005 050726 ? H GY
Choc Ice Where the Wild Roses Grow S54161/2005 050726 141224 T GY B ua 1 junkl
Choc Ice Never Too Late S54162/2005 050726 131114 T GY A ua B 1 ukl 2 ökl
Choc Ice Hand on Your Heart S54163/2005 050726 ? T GY
Choc Ice Red Blooded Woman S54164/2005 050726 190204 T GY 1 junkl
Choc Ice Some Kind of Bliss S54165/2005 050726 ? T B CERT 9 [1]
Choc Ice the Vicar of Dibley S43933/2003 030621 200803 H B A PPM iris-iris 15 [2]
Choc Ice Next of Kin S43934/2003 030621 ? H B A ua A 1 junkl 31 [6]
Choc Ice Smack the Pony S43935/2003 030621 150612 H GY A
Choc Ice Drop the Dead Donkey S43936/2003 030621 141117 H GY C? 1 junkl
Choc Ice the Upper Hand S43937/2003 030621 ? H LR
Choc Ice Only Fools and Horses S43938/2003 030621 151117 H GR C?
Choc Ice Goodness Gracious Me S43939/2003 030621 ? T GR
SE V-04 Choc Ice Birds of a Feather S43940/2003 030621 141212 T LR A ua B A CACIB 13 [2]