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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The new version of our website is finally out, though not quite finished yet. There are still some photos missing here and there... As you may also notice, we're now focusing on other things than before. Enjoy your stay! :)


This year has not passed by unnoticed. Here is a summary of the most important events:

    The amount of dogs has been reduced in order to cope with everyday life. At the moment we only have two dogs at home.
    We have moved from derelict Västerås to Runby in Upplands Väsby (25 km north of Stockholm), and it feels great! We are close to fields and a vast forest, ideal for dog walks.

Sheena has been shown 3 times in Junior Class and obtained 'Excellent' every time. These photos are from her last appearance - the Cockerklubbens Club Show in Västerås. She also had her eyes examined and was found to be clear of any disease. On a more personal level, she continues to spread joy and this summer she's been a keen swimmer and more than willingly retrieved sticks and dummies!

Blue Runes Under a Violet Moon
Two of Bruno's daughters have had their eyes examined, our own Letty (Blue Runes Under a Violet Moon) was unfortunately diagnosed with the rare condition Geographic Retinal Dysplasia and consequently banned from breeding. This also means that the ownership has been transferred to Cia, with whom she's been living the whole time.

Blue Runes Ghost of a Rose
Letty's sister Rosie (Blue Runes Ghost of a Rose) owned by Cannervikens Kennels delighted us by being Clear. Rosie was also had her hips and elbows x-rayed with the results B and Clear, respectively. In other words, soon ready for breeding!

Joey has moved to Gunilla Strömbäck in Åkers Styckebruk outside Strängnäs. Not really a difficult decision at all since he was never meant to stay.