Here at CHOC ICE we do not have puppies very often. This is due to many things; lack of space, time, energy but not a shortage of high quality brood bitches! Our objective is to breed mentally stable, sociable, healthy, beautiful and in every way possible typical Cocker Spaniels that will bring joy to their new owners for many years. To ensure this we require the following from the parents-to-be:

Colour is of secondary importance, all of the above must always have priority; but it is, however, important to preserve all colours occuring in the breed. The inheritance of colours is a most thrilling part of genetics! Twenty-one puppies have been born with the CHOC ICE affix and they have been of the following colours:

  • Blue roan (6)
  • Chocolate (liver) roan (2)
  • Lemon roan (2)
  • Chocolate (liver) (4)
  • Golden (7)

Upon delivery (at no earlier than 8 weeks of age ) a CHOC ICE puppy will be accompanied by:

We maintain the right to choose buyers at our own discretion, as it is vital the right puppy go to the right home! If you are interested in a puppy, please send an E-mail telling us about what kind of doggie life you can offer.


Dogs from Choc Ice

* COIs (Coefficients of Inbreeding) were calculated based on complete 10 generation pedigrees (2046 ancestors) using Pedigree Explorer