I got my first cocker in 1995, a black dog called "Muffe". Shortly afterwards, a passion for the breed developed, I got books and joined clubs, both in Sweden and the UK. The most exciting times were the arrivals of Cockertidningen by post and  my favourite part was the Show result pages. During the later part of the 90's I knew exactly who had won what and where. The dream of my own kennels began to form, I learned about pedigrees and made my own breeding plans. Crazy, I know! Thanks to the Internet (which was quite new to everyone at the time) and my own website "THE Cocker Spaniel Site" (published back in 1997) I came into contact with breeders from around the world already at an early stage. My interest in genetics resulted in my application to the Agronomist Programme at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and roughly five years later a Master's Degree in Biology.

Mainel's Choc Ice Symphony & Imokam Andalusí

The Choc Ice affix was registered with the SKK/FCI in the spring of 1999 and is of course an abbreviation of 'chocolate icecream'. I wanted a name that had a connection to the chocolate cockers I planned to breed. The name came to me after one of our many visits to Tesco. The breeding foundation was laid in around 2001 with two solid chocolate imports: the Norwegian bitch Mainel's Choc Ice Symphony and the Spanish dog Imokam Andalusí (photo left). Both of them were quite inbred but didn't share a common ancestor in 7 generations. They had a litter of eight in 2003 from which the chocolate roan bitch SE V-04 Choc Ice Birds of a Feather was retained. She's responsible for our greatest achievement in the ring so far; winning CC, CACIB and BOS (and consequently the Swedish Winner title) at the Svenska Kennelklubben's biggest show of the year - from Intermediate class (photo below). There were two people who sensed this would happen - I was not one of them! Although so many years have passed since then, I still can't believe it actually happened.

Choc Ice Birds of a Feather Best Bitch at Stockholm

Birds of a Feather had two litters. The first was sired by Emba's Mr Oboy Chocolate and in this litter the solid chocolate Choc Ice Some Kind of Bliss was exported to Australia and quickly gained 4 CCs. Unfortunately her show career came to an end after losing a couple of teeth in a fight with one of the other bitches in the kennels - apparently bites and teeth are important Down Under. Some Kind of Bliss later produced a litter of nine of her own. The second litter was sired by the blue Speechouse True Colours who was on a loan from Wales to the Mistily's kennels. A puppy dog, Choc Ice On a Night Like This, remained unsold and consequently stayed. He had a rather successful career winning some CKs before being sold as a pet at four years of age. Unfortunately, this litter was a disaster with respect to hip dysplasia among other things and thus there was no breeding material left to keep the line going.

Breeder's Group 25/05/2008; Choc Ice On a Night Like This, SE V-04 Choc Ice Birds of a Feather, Choc Ice Never Too Late & Choc Ice Finer Feelings

In about 2010 two new bitches (both blue roan) were acquired in an attempt to start all over again. The first was Blue Runes Under a Violet Moon, a stud fee puppy sired by my Imokam Andalusí, which I owned in partnership with her breeder. Her pedigree on the dam's side contained lines from Sweden, the UK and the Netherlands. However, as she proved to be affected by an eye disease (Geographic Retinal Dysplasia) there was no way she would be used for breeding. She was followed by Art-Wave's Betty Crocker, a small bitch of predominantly British origin and with a lovely personality. However, she was later diagnosed with hip dysplasia and incipient arthrosis. Once again, my breeding plans went down the drain. In the summer of 2012 the bitch Claremark Karen Walker (also blue roan) was purchased from Finland. The following year BALK CH BG CH CY CH MD CH MK CH RO CH SE U(u)CH Blue Runes Ghost of a Rose returned to us (she stayed with us in the spring of 2012 when she won 1 CC) after her litter at Cannervikens Kennels. She was litter sister to Under a Violet Moon and had a fantastic show career.

If I decide to breed another litter I want to be sure that all puppies will come to people who take good care of their dogs, in every aspect. The more plausible scenario will be me co-operating with other breeders as far as litters are concerned and not have any of my own.

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